Supporting the On Premise in rebuilding & recovery

Supporting On Premise recovery across the globe

Over the course of the outbreak, we have been dedicated to monitoring and reporting COVID-19’s impact on suppliers and operators, as well as the wider industry, particularly in the UK and United States.

Hospitality is still a great place to work, & the industry is just as attractive to investors as it is to consumers. It remains the best place for drinks businesses to establish & grow drinks brands & build equity with consumers. Over the last two years, the On Premise has fuelled the growth of 73% of the top 30 winning LAD & spirits brands & generated 62% of sales for the top 10 NPD launches.

As reopening continues, CGA will be sharing these insights publicly to support all of us during this incredibly challenging time. As part of this, we are now leading a global recovery project to support our clients & the wider industry in strategic recovery.   This project will be launched in 24 global markets – to learn more about how we can support our business in rebuilding & recovery, get in touch with our team.

Our commitment to clients

As we navigate through 2021, we will continue to track the reopening of the market, measure sales performance & monitor consumer sentiment through our proprietary data sources.

Our commitment to the hospitality sector will see us expand our reach further in 2021 with the launch of new services in several new markets. We also continue to invest in our services at home with the launch of a brand-new brand equity tracker for drinks, the development of our analytics platforms & expansion of our Coffer Peach Business Tracker and Trading Index cohorts.

In the USA and Canada, we will be continuing to build out our Analytics capabilities, launching a Retailer function & continuing to grow the Consumer research capabilities after great success with clients this year.

We firmly believe there is light at the end of the tunnel for hospitality and On Premise businesses we are ready to help you navigate the path to recovery in 2021 & beyond.


Phil Tate, Group CEO, CGA

Throughout the industry lockdown, CGA continued to monitor, analyse and report on COVID-19’s impact on the out-of-home food and drink market, providing regular updates and insights to help partners chart a course to recovery.


Our webinars and surveys of consumer and business leader attitudes, backed up by data from re-emerging international markets, have helped to keep the sector up-to-date with developments and provided focus for future forecasting. But, we have also been working hard behind the scenes to adapt our processes and improve our core services so that as the market reopens we can deliver data and insight faster and more effectively, enabling both supplier and operator partners to track and respond swiftly to changing market conditions and consumer dynamics. 


Now each week we will be tracking outlet openings, sales performance and consumer behaviour to give you the most comprehensive picture of the post-lockdown landscape. Many headline stats will be available free-of-charge through our weekly CGA Ezine (GB), our Coffer Peach Business Tracker, and through the ongoing COVID-19 On Premise Impact Reports (US). To discuss the products and services that can support in a strategic recovery for your business, get in touch below. 

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